Friday, February 6, 2009

"Big" News

Well, if you haven't heard, we are having another baby! This one is due in September. (I am hoping for 09/09/09. -of course.) Wouldn't that be cool?!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Christmas Time Around Colorado

Uncle Alan and Aunt Tracy

The whole family-even the dogs!

Kreed didn't like the snow.

Kaedyn making a snow angel.

Kaybre the snow angel.

Kaedyn building with Uncle Alan.

Kreed, Kaedyn, and Kaybre decorating Christmas cookies with Aunt Amy.

It takes tongue to decorate this cookie!

Aunt Amy and Kaedyn in their hats.

Kreed-the best part!

Christmas Time Around Oklahoma

Kaedyn, Kaybre, and Kreed on Christmas morning.
We got the "Mystery Gift" this year and get to display it next year.

Grandma and Poppa

Kerry, Kami, Kelsie, Logan, Nolan


Girl Cousins

Our "Happy" Family

Christmas Time Around Our House

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back in November...

In no particular order...
Got to eat at Benny's in Altus with a good friend. :.)

Kyle hunted and killed a big ole buck.

I got to pull a tooth for Kaedyn.

Everyone got new boots for Kyle's birthday...thanks Poppa!

Aunt Amy, Aunt Tracy, and Uncle Alan came to visit.

I got to witness a baptism and a nose piercing all in the same day; same girl too!

OU beat OSU! -check out that game face

Kaybre was in the Jump Rope assembly.

Our "Yaggies" (Young Adult Group) played volleyball against the "Old Spice" (they call themselves the Seasoned Saints) and won!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Here are my three little monkeys! Actually, a white tiger, Mariposa (Barbie thing), and a white-tail deer. Thank you Grandma Schiebel for making such beautiful costumes again this year!

Kaedyn the white tiger.

Kaybre as Mariposa.
Kreed the white-tail deer. (He shed his antlers early.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Grider Family Farm Pumpkin Patch on Sunday. It is about 30 minutes away from Cushing. All of the schools take trips out there and we've made the trip every year as a family too. It is a giant farm with a giant real live pumpkin patch-unlike any "pumpkin patch" we've ever visited. So neat to see all of that land covered in pumpkins. Here are a few of our pictures from our trip Sunday. Our friends Jonathan and Ashly joined us as well.
Searching for the perfect pumpkin.

This one is Kreed's size.

Pat the pumpkin.

Kaedyn found the perfect one for Kreed.

He liked it too. Look Mom!

Kyle's perfect pumpkin.

Kaybre's perfect pumpkin. (Although she changed her mind several times.)

Kaedyn just wanted one she could carve and that was green.

We also searched for the perfect gourd in a separate gourd patch. We found it!

Jonathan also spotted the perfect pumpkin. It may be the Great Pumpkin. I think he was pretty excited. :)